Improve operations, brand reputation and customer loyalty

The hospitality industry is going through an evolution phase, which has brought sales, business models, and marketing to the fore.

At the heart of the business remains operational and guests management, which is often characterized by more direct contact with the client.

The Short Stay Week gives you the opportunity to learn from leading market professionals about the way to address these changes and turn them into strengths.

Check-in and check-out and customer management have recently undergone profound changes, leading to an almost total digital experience. For this reason, it is very important to know how to identify and respond to our guests’ new requirements, before, during their stay, and after.

We will focus on basic provisions, ancillary services, and ultra-personalized concierge-style technology.

Attention will also be paid to tools and services for tools such as insurance products that protect the host from problems such as damage, theft or other unforeseen events, whilst also protecting guests from cancellations.

We look forward to provide you with the
best Short Term Rental training contents available in Europe