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Neely Khan

Writer and Storyteller, founder of Neelythere

About Neely

Following years’ of experience across various hospitality roles, Neely decided to merge her love for the industry with a lifelong passion of writing.

Neely’s business ‘Neely There’ specializes in storytelling and content writing services for the hospitality industry. This in-turn, increases lifetime guest value, and encourages people to return to a brand again and again.

The writer’s unique storytelling approach has to lead her to carve content for some of the industry’s biggest influencers. Neely has created brand stories for the likes of I-PRAC, Boostly, and Zeevou; and values working with her partners on a long-term basis, to really explore the crux of their brands, as well as their ideal customers.

Neely There is a proud part of Wow Group of Companies, which has several other agencies under its belt, in the area of design, digital marketing, and IT support.

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